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Polamatic brings back the instant nostalgia of Polaroid pictures. Capture or import a photo then select from 12 Polaroid frames, 12 photo filters, light leaks, add text, and finally share your Polaroid!


- 12 authentic Polaroid Classic Border frames. The frames are not computer generated, they are high quality scans of new, used, and vintage Polaroid picture frames.  

- 12 photo effects to customize your photo any way you choose. We give you plenty of effects so you will be sure to find the one that you love. 

- Light Leak Generator creates purely random authentic light leaks to give your photographs more character. Additional customization options allow you to perfectly place the light leak over your image, and adjust hue/saturation. True creative freedom with THOUSANDS of possible light leak combinations.

- Add text to your Polaroid picture, after choosing from 12 different fonts. Additional customization settings include size, color, horizontal and vertical justification.

- Share with anyone! Share your Polaroid picture via FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, or email. You can also save your Polaroid picture directly to your iPhone photo library or copy to your clipboard for use in other apps. Additional option to save your original unedited photo as well.

- Take pictures directly within the Polamatic app. Control camera settings like flash, grid, and the front or rear camera.

- Crop your photos seamlessly within the Polaroid Frame

- High Resolution output to Photo Library (2282×2771 px*)

- Polamatic Gallery saves all of your Polaroid images with your own personal Polamatic library. Images can be viewed, shared, and edited at any time. The full Screen polaroid view allows you view your Polaroid Images in a full screen view without exiting the app.

- Redesigned camera interface is easier to use and includes new visual effects like the Polaroid printer and gallery counter.

- Supports iPhone 5 Resolution


The Polamatic store allows you to purchase additional Polaroid frames and effects. Select from:

- Chroma Film Pack – Featuring 12 brilliant colors, Chroma Film brings your photos to life. Each Chroma Film develops photos with a unique style bring a vintage flare to every photo. Want a touch of color on your Polaroid frame? This pack is for you.

- Calligraphy Font Pack – Say it with style! Add beautiful text to your prints with the Calligraphy Font Pack. Each of the 12 handwritten fonts provides a unique style to express your thoughts.

- Vintage Film Pack – Make your photos pop with the Vintage Film Pack. Each of the 12 frames brings a unique style to your custom prints.

- Vintage Filter Pack – Add vintage style to your Polaroid with these 12 additional filters.

*High Resolution Output not supported on the following models: iPod Touch 4G and previous models, and iPhone 3GS and previous models.

This product is distributed and sold by Appadana Development. Polaroid, Polaroid & Pixel, Polamatic, Polaroid Classic Border Logo, and Polaroid Color Spectrum are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license. PLR IP Holdings, LLC does not sell this product or provide any manufacturer’s warranty or support. 

Apple, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc.Hello Everyone. There is nothing new in this version but we have improved the app by fixing a few bugs.
- Fixed issue with camera shutter remaining closed when reopening the camera
- Fixed issue with spinning activity indicator not appearing when saving Polaroid

NOTE: A few users have contacted us asking why they’re not able to save their Polaroid images to the photo library. This is not an issue with the app, it has to do with your privacy settings.

When you initially launch the app please make sure to ALLOW Polamatic access to your photo library or you will not be able to save to your Photo Library.

If you did not allow this permission then go to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Photos > Polamatic. Make sure Polamatic is switched ON.

Thanks for the support!

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